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Miu Miu Boots 2587822 KWSSOBT

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A pair of black MIU MIU leather boots in Gr. 40 pointed shape. Lining leather. 1 cm platform sole. Zipper at the back. A pair of extra heels are included. Sole length to the top measured 28 cm.
The heels have small unobtrusive quirks otherwise the boots are well preserved - top condition.


Miu Miu Boots

Seller: treasure me (private)

Item no.: 2587822

Colour: Black

Material: Leather

Season: All seasons

Insole length: 28.0 cm

Heel height: 5.0 cm

Platform height: 1.0 cm

Shaft height: 38.0 cm

Shaft width: 17.5 cm

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How do I measure my boots?

  • Insole length: measured inside the shoe from heel to toe
  • Heel height: measured from the lower heel rim to the bottom (incl. heel stiffener)
  • Platform height (if available): if not consistently high, measured at mid-height
  • Shaft width (if available): simple width
  • Shaft height (if available): measured from heel to the upper shaft

Miu Miu Boots 2587822 KWSSOBT